From the comfort of your home phone.

Ordering food has never been this easy!

No more driving in the harsh Atlantic weather to pick up your food. Just pick up your phone and place your order! We’ll have your food delivered to your door.

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Keep track of your orders.

Remember that plate you had at that restaurant that one time?

Probably not, but Meeno does. Ahh. The beauty of technology.

Order History

Order History

Your order history will be saved for you, so you can quickly order your favourite dishes!

Handle it all with your phone.

Walk in, Walk out.

You can place an order for pick up right from your phone. No more shouting into the phone  so the poor host can hear you with all that background noise.

Pay Online

Pay Online

Better yet, you can pay directly through the app.
It's 2018. Who wants human interaction anymore 😒

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